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  1. Could you briefly introduce the members of Skinner Box ? How did you choose the band´s name ?
  2. We are a band based in Athens, formed in the beginning of 2012 . Our music can be described as a mixture of ethereal vocal lines combined with fuzzy alternative –shoegaze guitars, dark bass lines and atmospheric keys. The band consists of : Vana Rose (Vocals), Spyros Mitrokotsas (guitars), Nicolas Z. (guitars), Stefanos Manousis (Bass, Keys) & Konstantinos Athanasopoulos (drums).

    Our name was inspired from the famous behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner and his box experiment in which he taught a subject animal to perform certain actions (like pressing a lever) in response to specific stimuli, such as a light or sound signal. We believe that it is a good reference to the nowadays sterile environment we live in and the maneuver tricks used by the governments / media in order to manipulate people´s opinions and actions.

  3. Your melodies are really beautiful and your singer´s voice perfectly matches with the other instruments. What is your background musically speaking ?
  4. Without doubt, music is a part of our lives. For as long as we remember ourselves we were involved in music. We were members of different local bands but in 2012, in a dark Athens basement, we jammed alongside drinking bottles of wine and singing, and then Skinner Box band was born . After some difficult life rearrangements, the band welcomed Nicolas Z.(guitars) and a new drummer Konstantinos Athanasopoulos. It was too hard to find musicians with passion and with the same pulse as the rest of the band. But something magic happened with these talented guys and they became without second thought, our partners in crime.

  5. What are your main influences in music ? Some of your works remind us of Cocteau Twins but we suppose that your musical scope goes far beyond the « heavenly voices » scene.
  6. It would have taken us a lifetime to count the bands that left their mark in our lives and as a consequence, in our music. It is quite intriguing for us the fact that people find different references in our music, but it is clear that we « own » our sound and do not try to imitate any other band. We do not want to follow the « easy way », we like to experiment with new sounds.
    Music is not static, it is a river that is craving to reach the ocean. As already said, we are five different people with different music taste and we are really happy for this fact. This diversity takes out our creativity that is easily perceptible in our new album.

  7. Our favorite song is « Casimir », because of the vocal performance, the melody and also the lyrics which have a philosophical dimension. Is Casimir the name of the person the song is dedicated to ?
  8. The song is named in honor of the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir. It refers to the Casimir effect and the Casimir–Polder force and they are physical forces arising from a quantized field. Literally speaking, it is best described as the zero-point energy between objects. It is an attraction or a repulsion depending on the specific arrangement of two plates. Metaphorically speaking, distance can sometimes attract or repulse people. In fact the energy that rises from love, attraction, anger and other emotions is a beam of light in the ultimate darkness. Life always finds a way and can prove that if you don´t give up, you can flourish from just about anywhere !

  9. Have you planned to play a few gigs in France this year, in order to promote Alpha Waves ?
  10. We would love to perform a concert in France, cause we love your country and we have a lot of friends there. We are open to any proposal, it would be great if we can make it and visit your country.
    It is our first album and we are getting so much love by fans in all over the world ! Our hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation because of that. Till now, we have planned a mini tour in all over Greece and we have some plans for a big festival abroad.

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